Friday, January 27, 2017

Helping Hand, Volume 1 Issue 4

The Helping Hand                                                                                          Volume 1 Issue 4

Dear ENGLGRADer’s, 

A Happy New Year to you all from your Community Outreach Coordinators! We hope that your break was both productive and restful, readying you for another semester together. In fact, let’s linger on that last word, “together,” for a moment. With the political horizon set to change for the immediate future, it will become increasingly important for us to imaginatively and compassionately create more opportunities for togetherness, so that we can build each other up in hope, community, and support, so that we can resist well together when needed. 

‘Community service’ means being of use to our neighbors, and to that end, here are a couple of upcoming events aimed at equipping us to be so. First, tonight, our department (via our new minor program, "Communication and Public Advocacy") will present “Trump Inaugurates Social Movements: A Discussion of Activism after the Election.” It takes place from 4:30-6 tonight in the Hoagie Carmichael room in Morrison Hall.  

Secondly, this weekend there are a great many events taking place throughout Bloomington that aim to educate and better equip us for activism. Check out a full schedule at:

As always, if you would like to know more about volunteering in Bloomington, check out the information available here ( You can also check out our archive on the English Department Blog for specific recommendations from your peers.

Lastly, we are currently looking for another group service activity to follow up last semester’s meal at the Shalom Center. If you have a service event on which you would like us to collaborate as a department, please contact either Stephen ( or Phil (

As always, thank you for all the ways you give to your communities. We’re proud to serve alongside you and look forward to another semester together.

Best wishes, 
Stephen and Phil

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