Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Helping Hand, Volume 1 Issue 3

Now that the GSAC Book Sale is over, it’s time for another time-honored tradition: the book donation! Last year our department donated over a hundred books to Pages for Prisoners and the Bloomington Public Library, and we are looking to continue the tradition this year. To make this happen, we need help sorting through the piles of leftover books from the sale.

This Friday, starting at 3:00, we will be in Weatherly 123 sorting books for donation. If you have some time before the Thanksgiving break, please consider coming to help out for even an hour or two. People with cars are especially welcome, so the books can be transported after sorting. If you are able to come help, please email Stephen or Phil to let us know.

On a different note – in the wake of the election last week, there have been many calls for action, organization, and reinforcement of our communities. As Community Outreach Coordinators, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to using the resources available to us so that we can be present and active in our communities, and to calling attention to others’ efforts towards these same goals. If you know of any resources, organizations, events, etc. that could help, please let us know and we will share it along with your contact information in future newsletters and on the Canvas site.

For now, if you would like to know more about volunteering in the Bloomington community, check out the information available here.

You can also click here to sign a petition by the UndocuHoosier Alliance to show IUB administration that you support and urge protection for undocumented students and community members.

Thank you for your work and individual commitments to helping others. Take care of yourselves and those around you, and have a happy Thanksgiving break.

Best Wishes,
Stephen and Phil

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